How to prepare the garden for Spring

How to prepare the garden for Spring

Spring forward with our gardening checklist

Welcome fellow garden enthusiasts! It's time to say goodbye to the cold and gloomy days of winter and usher in the bright and cheerful season of Spring. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the garden plants are ready to burst into bloom. Are you ready to join them? It's time to dust off your gardening tools, don your gardening gloves, and get ready for some outdoor fun.

In this blog post, we'll be sharing our top tips on how to prepare your garden for Spring. From reviving your soil to planting spring flowers and pruning shrubs, we've got you covered. So let's embrace the outdoors and get our hands dirty - because by the time summer arrives, we'll have a stunning garden full of colourful flowers, buzzing with wildlife, and bursting with life. Let's get started!

Clearing Winter Debris and Mulch

Let's kick-start the spring preparation by tidying up the remnants of winter. Begin by clearing up any fallen leaves and stalks; a leaf blower will do the job in no time. But don't just bin this organic matter. Remember, it can carry bacteria that could harm your lawn. Instead, pop it all into a composter. In no time, you'll have nourishing mulch for your flower beds. It's not only an environmentally friendly choice but also a cost-effective way to feed your garden.

For safekeeping your power tools and outdoor toys from unpredictable weather, consider using a garden storage box. Following this, turn your attention towards your decking and patio. A good clean after winter can do wonders to brighten up your garden. Utilising a pressure washer can save you time and effort, achieving an excellent finish without claiming your whole weekend. So, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get into the garden. It's not just about preparation - it's also a fantastic way to enjoy the fresh air and embrace the spirit of spring. Let the spring gardening begin!

Decking Revamp or Refresh

Are you dreaming of the perfect place to relax in your garden? Create your own outside paradise with decking or a patio. This is the perfect season for planning your decking or patio project. Early enough to enjoy it in the summer, but with enough dry weather ahead to complete the garden work.

From a simple ground-level patio to a raised deck, complete with balustrade and steps, the possibilities are endless for your garden ideas. Start by reading our planning advice and browse through our buying guides. Also, consider integrating patio plants to add a vibrant touch to your new haven.

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Timber Decking or Composite Decking

Show Your Lawn Some Love

A verdant, well-kept lawn is a crowning glory to any garden, a place for relaxation, fun and games. Time to lavish your lawn with some TLC. Use a roller to smooth frost-lifted turf, and a broom to sweep away worm casts. Apply moss killer if you spot any pesky patches. Your mower's blades should be at the highest setting for the first trim, so it's gentler on your garden plants and shrubs. Level off any uneven spots, and sprinkle new grass seed on these areas. Injecting fresh life into your lawn is as rewarding as potting new gardening soil. Spring, let's give our lawns a facelift!

Get Growing

Embracing the trend of growing your own food, Spring is the ideal time to start. This season offers the perfect balance of rain and sunlight for your garden plants, especially if you're planning to grow beetroot, spinach, lettuce, or leeks. These can be started off in a propagator - think of it as a mini greenhouse with vents for temperature control.

Using Jack's Magic Multi-purpose compost will provide the necessary nutrients for your spring flowers and vegetable seedlings. For more garden tips on using a propagator, we recommend reading our in-depth guide. Despite the sun-kissed Spring days, chilly nights can be a threat. Protect your tender plants with a light-duty protection fleece, carefully placed over the plants and secured firmly. This garden product shields your budding plants from frost and wind.

Consider using greenhouse insulation or a heater for additional protection during colder spells. Remember, nurturing garden plants is more than just using the right garden mulch or planting soil. It's about learning, experimenting, and growing. So, whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, let's embrace Spring and get growing!

Pruned to Perfection

Spring pruning is essential for a vibrant and thriving garden. With a trusty garden knife or secateurs, begin by excising any dead, diseased, or damaged stems, as they attract pests and diseases. Prune summer-blooming shrubs like fuchsia and buddleja right down to the base to promote a lush bloom.

Deciduous ornamental grasses should be cut to ground level for new growth. Early spring bloomers like lilac, forsythia, and rhododendron bloom on last year's wood, hence should be pruned late spring, after flowering. Through careful pruning, we ensure a bountiful display of colour and promote robust garden health.

Keeps the Weeds Away

Late spring is the optimal time to declare war on weeds. Nip them in the bud during their pre-growth season, stopping them from becoming a nuisance in your garden work. Implement weed control fabric in your beds and borders, it suppresses weed growth by up to 95%, conserves water, and reduces herbicide use.

There's a range of weed killers for lawns, patios, and gravel too. For best results, combine hand-pulling with weed control fabric. Always remember garden care involves using weed killer responsibly, so follow the instructions diligently. With these garden tips, reclaim your garden from the pesky invaders!

Revamp & Refresh Garden Furniture

As we welcome Spring's promise of warmer days and glorious bank holidays, it's time to turn our attention towards our garden furniture. If your wooden pieces are looking a little drab, a scrubbing brush and a warm solution of sugar soap can work miracles. On the other hand, your metal furniture can be revived by applying a paste of baking soda and water with a cleaning cloth, then gently scrubbing it off with wire wool.

This refreshing revamp will instantly uplift your garden's overall appearance, adding to the charm of your patio plants and overall garden ideas. If you find your furniture is past its prime, it's the perfect opportunity to explore our new range. With sizes to suit every family, from cozy tables for two to larger sets for summer gatherings, there's something for everyone. So, follow these garden tips and prepare to enjoy many joyful, sun-drenched afternoons in your garden this Spring!

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Check Your Guttering & Downpipes

As part of your garden work this Spring, don't forget to check your guttering and downpipes. After the wet and windy winter weather, it's essential to ensure these are free from debris and gunk. Not only is this an important task for your home's health, but it also contributes to overall garden care.

Following these garden tips and ideas will ensure your outdoor space is in top shape for Spring.

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