Environmental Responsibility

To help maintain sustainability for our future generations we operate a highly efficient and self-reliant water recycling program, we have a pump to extract water from the stream which runs through the James Whitaker & Sons (Nurserymen) Ltd to our plants thus reducing our impact on the local water reservoirs.

To limit the amount of gas we use, we have underfloor heating thus heating the shop from the floor upwards as we believe radiators result in a stuffy, uncomfortable atmosphere and promote heat loss through windows, walls, ceilings and roofs. The result is wasted energy, and wasted resources.

We are a Disability friendly organisation with ample disabled car parking spaces close to the front entrance with wheelchairs available on request. Our shop is on one level with wide aisles enabling easy access to all public areas of James Whitaker & Sons (Nurserymen) Ltd . We have fantastic toilet facilities including a disabled toilet located next to the floristry department.