Garden Centre with a Difference

Garden Centre with a Difference
Garden Centres Liverpool – What Makes Ours Different?

Did you know Whitakers is one of the oldest garden centres in Liverpool? A family run business for hundreds of years, we’re not only a pillar of the Prescot community – but recognised all over Merseyside. What makes us both popular, but different too? Our team have given you their thoughts below.


A Rich History

Whitakers is long-standing well established, family run business that has served the community of Prescot and beyond for nearly 100 years! Our prevailing site was originally based on Liverpool Road, but we have now moved to our brand-new development on Manchester Road. 

Whitaker & Sons has spent many years transforming our garden centre into the 21st century joy that you know today. We’re proud to continually offer top quality products and service and will bring you the very same at our new location.

As we prepared for the big move, we unearthed all sorts of treasures from our many years of trading. Amongst our finds are ledgers, sales, contracts (from the 1930s to 1950s), tills, and old photographs - it makes us really proud of our longstanding family business and all the Whitakers memories.


A Home From Home

When you visit Whitakers, we want you to feel at home here, to have free rein of our store, and to enjoy exploring all our wonderful range of products and services.

The Whitakers team are creative, friendly, knowledgeable and specialists within their field on everything including furniture, landscaping, building and timber supplies, gift shop, fine cuisine and of course everything green for your garden. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business and our friendly team will endeavour to make your experience at our Garden Centre special.


Bistro & Restaurant

One thing many garden centres don’t offer customers is a place to relax once they have done a day’s shopping. Not at Whitakers though! We have been running our bistro for many years and it’s become a customer favourite.

With this in mind, we wanted to keep our customer favourite at our new location but make it a space where customers can relax away from the garden centre and just enjoy a meal and a drink in comfortable surroundings.

When visiting the Whitakers bistro and café, customers will be welcomed into a completely separate area, where you can enjoy a wide selection of baked goods, ‘free from’ and vegan pastries along with restaurant-quality lunch and dinner items and of course, a delicious range of drinks, teas and coffees.

Not to mention, we have also added a beautiful, dog-friendly outdoor patio for those warmer days! Customers can relax in the secluded environment surrounded by our seasonal plants and enjoy a drink in the sun before returning for that last bit of shopping.

At Whitakers, our garden centre on the outskirts of Liverpool is like no other. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality products, service and experience based on our many years of trading. Our garden centre is here for everyone, if it’s picking up seeds, looking at the latest outdoor furniture, or even just a visit to our bistro we can assure you, you will leave with a smile on your face.

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  • Kelly Blackshaw