Onwards and Upwards in 2023!

Onwards and Upwards in 2023!

2023, the year of our new site, what have we got to look forward to?

The unveiling of our new site is just around the corner! As we move towards spring, the work on our Manchester Road site is as productive as ever. The new Whitakers Garden Centre is really taking shape before our eyes and we are slowly but surely making the shift over to our new premises ready to welcome you all for our grand opening in the coming months.

If you haven’t been following our regular updates on social media, here’s all you need to know about to get you looking forward to the opening of our new site! We hope you’re as excited as we are…

  1. Bigger and better bistro

The Whitakers restaurant is loved by all of our customers and even the members of the local community who just drop by for a coffee. That’s why, at our new location, we’ve made our bistro bigger and BETTER than ever!

Our new eatery will actually be separate from the garden centre, giving you a more relaxed environment to enjoy a coffee and a snack. We’ve also extended our seating area to 100 seats, adding a secluded outdoor patio area too. Our team wanted to make the outdoor area to our café a little sanctuary for our customers, so we’ve added an extra element of class and, of course, privacy to enjoy a coffee or a juice in the sun.

You can also expect to see exciting updates to our menu, plus all our much-loved classics including an all-day breakfast, freshly made traybakes and even something for your pups!

Speaking of something for your pups, another exciting feature to our bistro is that it’s pet-friendly! Your furry friends will get to snack along with their owners, and even treat themselves to our special menu addition - puppachinos!

At the building site, we have now added the roof to the bistro and are well under way for the interior preparations. Next up is making sure the inside is spick and span before we bring in the seating, and kit out the kitchen. It’s all happening over on Manchester Road!

  1. More variety

All of our products are carefully selected for our shelves by our Assistant Manager Kelly and her team to ensure you, the customer, are getting top quality products for the best price. At our new location, we have a lot more space to carry a wider selection of products and brands. We aim to give our customers a better selection of plants, seeds, outdoor living and even home and gifts. But don’t worry, you will still see the top featured products you know and love from our old store too!

Keep an eye out at seasonal times… As we will have much more room for lots of new and exciting stock heading into our store. Yes, that includes Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas and all the other fun things that happen throughout the year.

  1. Eco-friendly first

As we build our new development, we’re dedicated to making sure we’re being as kind to the planet as possible. So, we’ve added a few eco additions to our building and plans for the area.

This includes three large underground water tanks. The tanks collect rain water that we can re-use for our plants.

You can also expect to see solar panels on the roof. We are aiming to conserve our energy usage at our new site, and we expect this to be a helpful addition to the daily running of our store – plus kinder to the planet too.

And finally, at our new development we are also aiming to plant wildflowers, trees, shrubs, and bushes in as much open, unused space as possible. Not only will the beautiful flowers brighten up the new space but will also be much appreciated by the local wildlife we think. We’re all for supporting the bee population here at Whitakers.

  1. An improved experience

We wouldn’t be able to operate Whitakers without our dear employees, and that’s why we’re ensuring that ALL the best knowledge and top-notch customer service will be implemented at our new store. Our garden experts that you know and love (that’s our friendly team, FYI!) will be coming along to our new site, so expect to see a familiar face or two welcoming you in. We’re so excited to show you around.

We hope you’re excited for our grand opening just a few months away! Want to keep up to date with our new development? Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for all things site related, but also our latest news and advice on all things gardening!

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  • Kelly Blackshaw